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Feeling Beautiful


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You look beautiful today! Yes, yes you do!

Beauty is not about fitting a certain ideal or stereotype. It’s about accepting and embracing who you are. Beauty doesn’t need external validation. It’s internal. It’s in your beliefs. Choose to see the amazing and beautiful human being you are. It’s up to you.

My idea of beauty might be completely different from yours. So, when I talk about beauty, I’m not just talking about fashion, makeup and style – I’m also talking beauty from within.

There are many ways I feel beautiful!

All it takes is a Smile! I feel beautiful when I smile. Smile, smile, smile – even if you don’t particularly feel like it. You will feel and look more beautiful instantly!

Sharing is beautiful! Share your beautiful soul! You have so much to give! Give of yourself by smiling, sharing your wisdom, helping other people, be open about your struggles and problems, truly listen and let your love flow through your heart. Vulnerability is beautiful and there’s nothing more sacred that the true connection between human beings.

I like how I feel when I Eat Healthy! Eating nutritious food can make you feel beautiful. When you eat healthy food, you’ll get energy and power!

Some people love to Work Out and feel beautiful doing it! I don’t particularly like working out, but I feel that when I work out in the morning, I get a glow that is just out of this world! I feel more energized and beautiful!

Love to all, Lori 




What makes you beautiful? 

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