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Prevent Sun Damage. Sun damage can make your skin look and feel old. However, you can reverse the effects to get smoother skin that will keep everyone guessing your age.


Improve Sun Damage. Whether you're an avid runner or love relaxing on the beach with a pair of sunglasses and a book, you have spent time in the sun – and if you're like most of us, your time outdoors may not have included sunscreen. This can lead to skin that changes in texture, loses elasticity or reveals dark splotches on your chest, arms, neck and face. These changes are signals that your skin has suffered from sun damage – and can age you. Roll back the clock and remove the aging effects of the sun. There are a range of different procedures you can try.


What is Sun Damaged Skin? It feels good to spend time in the sunshine, but it can take a toll on your skin. That’s because the sun gives off ultraviolet (UV) light that damages your skin and causes sunburn. Over time, these rays can lead to wrinkles, dark spots, abnormal discoloration, uneven skin tone, freckles or skin cancer. The result: You can add years to your looks. Research shows that UV exposure is the reason behind 80% of your skin’s aging.


Did you know that your skin is constantly under attack?! We’re talking about free radicals! And they’re everywhere! So how do you go about protecting it? By fighting back with the power of ANTIOXIDANTS!!!


Lasering worry free comes in different shapes and sizes. There are so many laser hair removal devices on the market today that provide excellent noninvasive treatments. How do you know which one is better or which is suitable for the specific skin type. At Ultimate Beauty Laser Spa, we achieve that by offering the best equipment to meet each individual’s needs.


Beauty is not about fitting a certain ideal or stereotype. It’s about accepting and embracing who you are. Beauty doesn’t need external validation. It’s internal. It’s in your beliefs. Choose to see the amazing and beautiful human being you are. It’s up to you. There are many ways to feel beautiful!


Have you ever stopped to think about what it is that makes you truly beautiful? How crazy and beautiful it is to truly realize that there are billions of us walking this planet right now, and yet not one of us is exactly the same.


Lasers not only get rid of unwanted body hair! Lasers can do many things for your skin.Such as; brown spots and discoloration, redness, wrinkles, acne scarring, along with hair removal!


Summer has finally arrived! It’s time to whip out the BBQs, dig out those bikinis and jet off on vacation for some well-deserved relaxation on the beach. But don’t forget to take care of your skin this summer! Below are some summer tips to keep your skin healthy.

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