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You may already know about the UltraShape procedure as well as the other non-invasive body shaping the VelaShape III. But, the lastest release from Syneron Medical is truly a force to reckoned with and exclusively at Ultimate Beauty Laser Spa. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to decrease fat by 32% just like that? Well, with UltraShape Power, you can!

In three short, painless, non-surgical treatments using the new UltraShape Power, with each treatment requiring approximately 35 minutes using no medications or anesthesia, clients lost an average of over 3 to 4 inches of stubborn belly fat. UltraShape Power is the most effective non-surgical fat reduction technology on the market today, hands down and by a lot…a lot of fat removal and a lot of power, that is.

What are the Benefits Over Other Treatments?

  • It's nonsurgical – Unlike Liposuction, UltraShape involves no surgery. The lack of any cuts or incisions means no recovery or time off from work.

  • No discomfort – UltraShape is not a painful procedure.

  • No downtime – Results are instant!

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