Enjoy our Spa’s savings:

*Buy one large*** area and get a small** area free!

*Laser Facials (consultation required)
*other body areas considered at consultation, based on needs
** Small Body areas: lips, chin, sideburns, cheeks, neck, underarms
*** Large Body areas: legs, bikini, back, chest, arms

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Our team of dedicated professionals will take special care to make sure you have the most comfortable, successful experience with Ultimate Beauty Laser Spa.

Alice Pieri, Owner

Alic Pieri Alice Pieri

I started Ultimate Beauty because…. I love helping and educating others about all the amazing benefits you experience from laser skincare. The freedom and confidence that comes from no longer having unwanted hair is freeing for my clients. Many of my female clients have facial hair that causes them pain and they explain how they spend endless time shaving or plucking and still have to hide the dark hair growth behind makeup. I view this as a personal experience and I can offer the knowledge of being both a laser technician since 2006 and a happy client who personally benefited from laser, as I have not shaved since 2007 when I completed my series of treatments. I still cannot believe how freakishly effective this procedure is when done correctly. The key is a thorough evaluation and taking the time to personally get to know each client’s needs (one-on-one). This is a personal/private experience and not everyone is treated with the same laser settings. I have evaluated hundreds of thousands of clients over the years and performed more treatments than I can count. My experience delivering successful results to clients and my ability to educate sets me apart. If I feel that someone is not a good candidate for hair removal, I would refer them to alternative hair removal methods or offer other services such as anti-aging treatments if they are interested. I believe wholeheartedly in helping my clients achieve the results they desire; now that’s a beautiful thing! In my spare hours I like spending time with my family (our family dog who is like a baby to us) and with friends. I love gardening, I practice yoga, and I love to cook and create in the kitchen. I love listening to live music with friends and family, too.

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Enjoy our Spa’s savings:

Buy one large area package and get one small area package free! See details below.

Small body areas: lips, chin, sideburns, cheeks, neck, underarms
Large body areas: legs, brazilian, back, chest, arms


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